Royal Air Maroc Offers Quick Connectivity To Dubai And Abu Dhabi
20.08.2014 10:14

                                                      Royal Air Maroc | Image Resource : marocpress.com

This airline has a fleet size of 43 carriers and it operates to 94 international destinations.  It operates flights to many destinations in the Middle East and out of them one key location is UAE. The country is known as a popular tourist destination owing to its huge shopping malls, hotels and theme parks.  What better way to enjoy such attractions than by reaching the country safely through this airline.

Royal Air Maroc is the national carrier of Maroc and it operates from the Mohammed V International Airport. The airline’s flights land in the Abu Dhabi International Airport and the Dubai International Airport. Those who want to book flights in this airline should visit its website to find out available flights to these two emirates.

The flights are held every week enabling travelers to reach the country for their needs as and when required. Air Maroc is known for its high quality passenger comforts and facilities. You can enjoy a comfortable journey across the sky on this medium haul journey to the UAE.

Air Maroc is not just offers flights directly to Dubai from Maroc, but also from other global destinations that the airline reaches. Travelers can fly to Maroc and then take a forward flight to Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

It offers good connectivity from the African continent to the UAE enabling a huge volume of travelers from this continent to reach the country safely for employment or business reasons. The airline has extensive connectivity in Europe and Maroc enabling travelers from such destinations to reach the UAE through direct flights to the country.


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