Cathay Pacific Online Check In : Trot The Globe With Ease And Convenience!
25.08.2014 14:25

                                           Cathay Pacific Online Check In | Image Resource : flyawaysimulation.com

Cathay Pacific works on the vision and mission to excel in everything that they do and no wonder this Hong Kong based airline company heads the topper’s list ! Are you planning your holiday to any international destination? No worries! as this airline connects you to about 700 worldwide destinations as it has alliance with the One World Global alliance.

Cathay Pacific online check-in is an absolutely convenient process as their booking portal is very user friendly and constantly updated to serve their customers with all hi-tech facilities. This airline has separate options and tabs for online check in for their members who belong to the Marco Polo club and for the non members.

The members should quote their membership details such as number, etc while booking the tickets and making online check in. The best thing about online check in facility is that you can choose seats for yourself and your travel partners or companions and enjoy your journey.

There are many facilities on doing online check-in and it includes changing your seats if you feel that you would not be comfortable . Passengers can also add their Frequent flying number and also get the latest information on the weather conditions of the place that you are visiting.

Another facility is that you can collect your pass, the boarding pass from Kiosk where you can do self check in and this saves a lot of time ! And if any emergencies arise and if you are not able to fly , you can also cancel your tickets through this facility.


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