Book Tickets For A Marvelous Holiday To Uae Through Etihad.com!
21.07.2014 17:29

Etihad.com | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

The classic journey of the national carrier of UAE started way back in 2003 and has established a niche in the aviation industry. The airline has its head quarters located at Abu Dhabi and caters to provide services to various destinations across the  globe. Etihad Airways covers more than 96 destinations across the world and ensures that the safety of the passengers is given utmost priority.

To have a complete list of facilities and offers provided by the airline, just log into the airline’s website Etihad.com and get benefitted. The website lists out flight schedules, arrival and departure, destinations covered, offers provided on regular basis, etc. This makes the passengers check out for their best option of booking tickets comfortably right from their place.

Online booking of tickets through Etihad.com website: easiest and convenient!

Frequent flyers can register themselves with the airline’s frequent flyer program and get benefitted with the miles they collect. They can check out their miles using their login in the website and access various offers and redeem their points for ticket booking or hotel booking, etc. 

Passengers who are travelling alone, pregnant ladies, medical assistance for the required, etc can priorly inform the airline to get proper assistance during their travel. This makes the travel more comfortable and passengers can safely reach their destination.

Daily deals and advance booking deals are promptly displayed on the website so flyers can check out for the best deals before in hand and book their tickets in advance. Tourists who are visiting the country for the first time needn’t worry, the website provides options for booking hotels, car rentals,etc well in advance so that there is no hassle in the last minute. 

Enjoy the stay in the land of deserts and experience the finest hospitality in UAE!


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